After Being Stung By Killer Hornet, Tom Shillue's Face Swells Up Like Adam Schiff's

BREAKING - Comedian, Tom Shillue, was rushed to the Emergency Room early Wednesday morning after he had an unexpected and unfortunate altercation with a Giant Asian Killer Hornet. Doctors managed to save Shillue from succumbing to the oftentimes fatal sting of the giant hornet, and his current condition is reported as "stable." Shillue is expected to make a (somewhat) full recovery; however, despite the best efforts of the hospital’s top medical professionals, he will likely have some permanent, albeit cosmetic, damage. Most notably, Shillue is expected to experience chronic swelling of the face going forward – a condition known as “Adam Schiff Syndrome”. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Shillue, his family, and anybody forced to look at him.

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