Andrew Cuomo Nominated for Nobel Prize After Helping Thousands of People Rest In Peace

Best-selling author and part-time governor, Andrew Cuomo, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for helping thousands of New Yorkers rest in peace. As the brother of Chris Cuomo, a noted left-wing blog pundit, Andrew Cuomo has spent most of his career living in the large shadow cast by his marginally successful little brother; however, according to Andrew, living life in shadows isn’t so bad.

“Frankly, I prefer it,” said the elder Cuomo. “I don’t like all the attention and additional scrutiny that come with being a public figure. Occasionally, there are things I do that I’d like to keep secret and staying out of the public eye helps me accomplish that.”

Unfortunately for Mr. Cuomo, his recent public service work was uncovered and has put him directly under the spotlight. It started when Andrew began volunteering at several nursing homes. He noticed that Senior Citizens were constantly complaining during the day and having difficulties sleeping during the night.

Eventually, he decided to do something about it, so Andrew started the “Sick and Tired Exchange Program,” with a nearby hospital. Sources familiar with the matter say the program spread very quickly and had a big impact throughout New York’s nursing home population. “The powerful results were even seen in unwitting participants and people who didn’t volunteer for the program.”

According to multiple reports, thousands of Senior Citizens are now resting in peace since the program first launched 1 year ago, and they owe it all to Andrew Cuomo – the latest nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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