China Pulls Jim Acosta’s Press Pass; Claims He Was “Making It Too Obvious”

Washington D.C. – The Government of China announced on Tuesday that it would be revoking Jim Acosta’s press pass indefinitely. Official reporting by the Chinese State Media said that “while we appreciate the work Mr. Acosta has done for us over the past several months, we believe that he has undermined the credibility of the CCP’s western disinformation campaign by failing to portray himself as an even remotely objective news journalist.” Jim Acosta, who is always available for comment, was outraged by the decision and publicly begged for reinstatement, promising to “be a better, believable mouthpiece going forward.”

WH Press Correspondents went on the record to say that they “are greatly upset by the CCP’s decision,” and that “neither Jim, nor his journal…ism, would ever be forgotten.” We reached out to China’s local affiliate, CNN, for their reaction to Jim’s firing - to which the network responded: “Tim who?”

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