Inverse Relationship Found Between Joe Biden’s IQ and His Approval Rating Among Democrat Voters

*BREAKING* D.C. – A team of “mathletes” from a local D.C. charter school have made a startling statistical discovery, which until now, has inexplicably eluded even the best and brightest mathematical minds in our nation’s top liberal arts institutions. When asked to find possible factors affecting the approval ratings of famous politicians, two star pupils (aged 10 and 11) decided to analyze Joe Biden’s Democrat Party Approval Ratings by plotting 40 years of polling data against Biden’s Intelligence Quotient (“IQ”) during the same time period.

The results were stunning to the intelligentsia elites - though oddly unsurprising to many of the student mathletes. The analysis revealed a near-perfect inverse relationship between Joe Biden’s IQ and his approval ratings within the Democrat Party. Mathletes’ captain, Diplora Belle, elaborated on her team’s findings: “Although we cannot determine whether there is a causal relationship between Joe’s IQ and his approval ratings, we can conclude that there is a statistically significant correlation between the two variables.”

The inverse relationship between Joe’s approval rating and his IQ is so robust that several political pundits and polling prognosticators have started incorporating Joe’s IQ into their election models, referring to it as the “Quid Pro Co-efficient”. The mathletes’ completed, comprehensive statistical study will be published in an upcoming report entitled “(Mental) Regression Analysis.

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