Least Popular Congressman Wins Police-State Party’s 2020 Nomination

Universally disliked Congressman, Justin Amash, has won the presidential nomination of the authoritarian-leaning Police State Party. Amash, known for his disloyalty to party, country, and the Constitution, won over the frozen hearts and minds of the Police State Party after he publicly supported impeaching the President of The United States over categorically false allegations that he colluded with Russians to impact an election.

According to anonymous sources familiar with the matter, Amash defended his decision to impeach by stating, “I know there isn’t a scintilla of evidence, but I’m a political hack!”

After his manifestly anti-constitutional nonsense, Amash was banished from the Republican Party and had been looking for a new political party that was more supportive of his penchant for power. Although the Democrat Party seemed like a decent fit, it was already saturated with central-planning communists; and thus, there was little room there for Amash’s authoritarian ambitions. However, at long last, it appears as though the media boot-licking Amash has finally found a home in the Police State Party.

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