Nancy Pelosi Wins Nonessential Employee of the Month

As millions of Americans lose their jobs and shutter their businesses, it’s important to recognize those nonessential workers who are still gainfully employed despite contributing little-to-no value in exchange for a generous paycheck. In recognition of her extraordinary ability to juggle politics, prayers, partisan impeachments, pen giveaways, and premiere vodka tastings - and on behalf of the American People - we’re proud to announce that Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has earned the distinction of Non-Essential Employee Of The Month. Over the past four weeks, Pelosi has demonstrated exactly what it means to be nonessential. When you need her, she’s never there; and when she’s there, she makes everything worse. Although she wields considerable power and influence over the House of Representatives, she rarely uses that authority to accomplish her legislative agenda. Instead, Pelosi prefers to exercise her political capital and clout for generating fundraising opportunities by starting fruitless, yet high profile, investigations into the President of the United States. Nancy Pelosi is impressively unimpressive, overwhelmingly underwhelming, and essentially nonessential. Congratulations on the award, Ms. Pelosi – you’ve earned it!

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