To Protest “Orange Man”, Hollywood Actors Vow Never to Tan Again

In an industry-wide effort to emphasize that “Orange Man (is) Bad,” attention-starved actors and actresses are vowing never to tan again. Their movement, named “Ban the Tan,” is the entertainment industry’s response to criticism that celebrity tans are seen by some people as tacit support for our bronze and brazen president.

One C-List celebrity (who asked to remain anonymous) further explained the rationale behind the “Ban the Tan” movement: “As role models, cultural icons, and political thought leaders, we don’t want to be seen as emulating - or in any way supporting – a president who judges people by the color of their skin. So, in opposition to his superficial bigotry, we’ve decided to make sure that our skin tones are as different from his as possible.” As an incentive, the Academy of Motion Pictures will be adding a new Oscar Award Category this year for “Least Tone Deaf,” which will be given to the actor or actress whose skin tone is least similar to President Trump’s“

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